[Blog] 2017 Charity & voluntary memories

Hope you as me has at lease one times for any charity times. I am proud that I have 2 charity times in this year with my newest company, 1st in Hospital and 2nd in Orphan center

I only want express how happy I do with this work.

Truly I made each gifts with hope that people, that children will happy when receive it as me when prepare them by my hand with my limit economic 😀

I am know and really afraid to tell, post or viewing the stories any people in hospital and orphan center.

I only want best wish to the poor ones and enjoy charity working times.

At least I see my earning little money are helpful any that can bring happiness and some ones with my best wish on each gifts.

You know I am really more relax and fill up life energy after any charity times .. than philately and play PC games lol.

Have a nice week to guys reading this post.

P/s: Plan your 1st and next charity times ASAP 😉


2017 Charity times 2nd
Food Gifts for Children


2017 Charity Times 1st
Drawing Books and Color pencil boxes For Children

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