[VN] My Father’s Flute Musical Instrument Shop



For introduce An Artist who can play flute and produces flutes more than 50 year, I would like tell you about my father and his product to you.

My father is really old now, I know with his age most the gentle men is on traveling on tours with his wife or his friends.

But you know he is still love to working still hand made one by one flutes.
He makes them since he was a cowboy . I mean when he was very young. So an young businessman!


He has age but I can see no age on his products. If you know Flute on many material, do you see stone and have ever hear stone flute and image how he make it!
He is my musical artist inventor I know. I will and hope inherit his mentally as on my career viewpoints – never stop and long live with the career as an artist (so shy to write it).

Can you help me as the little girl of my father? I hope I can help my father sell his flutes.
As his only daughter on his children, I have update the website at address http://artcraft123.com

(Now it is pretty than first version I developed it for him. You know I am web develop)

The cost for shop in HCM, Vietnam is so expensive, he can not afford a store. He run his business by depositing his products on the others shop now.
As my daughter I only can open website as a flute musical instrument shop.

Thank for reading and visit http://artcraft123.com. Hope you like Vietnam Flutes Musical Instrument was made by a great artist my Father !!!

P/s: I told you a real story about my father who I always respect than ever man on the word.
Cause I don’t have any grand father/ grand mother to respect and proud more than my father!

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